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GENEVIEVE & JAY - JUNE 15/16th 2016 | Destination Wedding In France
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GENEVIEVE & JAY – JUNE 15/16th 2016

GENEVIEVE & JAY – JUNE 15/16th 2016

These two lovers contacted me approximately 9 months before their wedding. At that time they were living in California, but they quickly moved to Malawi, for performing great deeds through their work. A couple with a pure heart, and exceptionally generous. Throughout the organization, and during these two day event, we could feel this joy and very communicative sincerity! #LoveIsAllYouNeed #BeTheChange


Having French relatives and a family house in Auvergne, it was obvious for Genevieve to marry in France. They decided to have a 2 day wedding, so that everyone can have time for talking, dancing and celebrate this moment!


Guests came from all over the world. To surprise everyone and highlight the local aspect, Genevieve and Jay have thought about every details: a folk group from Auvergne to dance the bourrée (old traditional dance), a special champagne cuvee, the cocktail hour at the Château de Val, the wedding dinner at the restaurant Delmas in the small town of Lanobre…


June 15, 2016


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